From planting a vine to bottling the wine, everyone involved in producing Acrobat wines knows that sustainability is a driving principle that guides us each step of the way. It isn’t a slogan or a tagline – it’s how we operate. The company was founded on the values of family, tradition and stewardship, and it is this latter value that compels us daily to work in harmony with the land that provides for us.

Which brings us, of course, to kegs.

There was a time when kegs meant beer, and that was that. And while it may be some time before wine customers are asking “What’s on tap?” wine in kegs is definitely catching on, for a host of good reasons.

Known in the industry as “wine on tap,” or WOT, this delivery option allows the industry to move away from bottles to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to serve wine. Not only that, but WOT keeps the wine fresh longer, preserving the quality, flavor and integrity of the beverage.

Acrobat is produced by King Estate Winery, an early and strong leader in WOT. In 2014 and 2015 King Estate won a “KEGGY” Award from Free Flow Wines, a Napa, Calif.-based company that provides kegging and logistics services to connect wineries with restaurants and other venues. The award was for wineries that save more than half a million wine bottles from landfills a year.

Interest in WOT is increasing rapidly, especially at venues with a high volume or where business is sporadic. A number of factors are driving this change, including speed, convenience, efficiency and choice.

Speed: WOT saves time by eliminating the need to load cases in, open bottles and cart glass out to recycling. Table-side service is faster, too.

Convenience: Once it’s set up, a keg can swiftly and easily supply wine for up to 60 days with no additional effort.

Efficiency: In addition to the time-savings, kegs take up less space than cases. Every keg delivers the equivalent of 26.5 bottles, but the footprint is less than 10 inches wide and two feet tall. Waste due to spoilage is also reduced, saving money.

Choice: Brewpubs and other craft brew purveyors are looking to augment their offerings and expand into wine. WOT fits their business model and physical setup. The customer at the table wins with WOT as well. There is no imperative to order a full bottle, allowing for more sampling and tasting. Customers can order by the glass, half carafe or full carafe, depending on their preference.

As the benefits of WOT become better known, and as customers become accustomed to this delivery system, the trend toward WOT is expected to grow. That’s good for the planet, and is one more reason to enjoy Acrobat wine on tap.

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